Comment tricoter des mitaines lardées (ou Thrummed Mittens)

How to Knit Mittens (or Thrummed Mittens)

Larded mittens (or thrummed mittens) originate in the Newfoundland and Labrador region. It is said that sailors who went to sea carried this type of mitts in which small pieces of fiber were inserted.

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Comment tricoter le point brioche en deux couleurs et circulaire

How to knit the Brioche stitch in two colors on Circular needles

comment tricoter le point de brioche

To help you understand how to knit the two color brioche in the round, we have prepared this tutorial including three videos: the brioche knit in the round, the increases and decreases in brioche. The brioche stitch is a really nice knit to look at, touch and wear. Knitted in a two-tone version, it has ribs with reversible colors for a knit that can be worn on the right side as well as on the wrong side! The brioche stitch results in a soft knit, thicker and therefore warmer than an ordinary knit.

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Comment monter les mailles: deux techniques en vidéo
comment tricoter un talon rajouté

How to knit the added heel or the "After Thought Heel"

If you are one of those who do not like to knit in short rows or prefer to avoid double heels (involving rows to decrease) to maintain the same number of stitches and thus maintain the uniform appearance of the color of the hand dyed yarn or SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜyarn, you will be conquered by the added heel, better known as the "Afterthought heel".

The added heel is a heel that you knit last: you knit a long tube and where you want to knit the heel, you knit the stitches with a contrasting thread that will be removed later to work the heel.

I invite you to watch the video below to understand how to knit a heel added in pictures:

Once you have opened your sock, you are ready to knit the heel.

How to determine the location of the heel.

Since your stock looks like a big tube, it's less natural to determine where to put the heel and the length of the foot before decreasing your foot, especially if you knit your socks from the cuff to the bottom toes.

comment tricoter un talon pour bas de laine

So if you opt for the method of knitting your cuff to the toes, knit the length of the desired leg before knitting the stitches of the heel with the contrasting yarn. Then knit the identified length using the diagram above and when done, begin to slip the stitches to close the toe.

Regardless of whether you knit a top down (cuff down) or bottom up (toe-up), the added heel is knit in the same way: knit the heel round, decreasing the stitches every other row the same way you do when you finish the foot by the toes, as follows:

When starting the rounds in the corner (ankle) of the heel, knit 1, decrease 1, continue to knit until the last 3 stitches remain before reaching half the turn (the opposite angle to the one marking the beginning of the round), knit 2 stitches together, knit 1. Repeat for the second half of the round.

Knit a round all the way.

Repeat these 2 rounds until you have reduced half of the stitches (or to the desired length.)

Bind off the stitches using the grafting method or similar method.

Now, to discover the perfect sock yarn to knit your next pair of socks with added heels, visit our online wool store and have a good time !!

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Pour votre prochaine visite dans une boutique de laine

For your Next Visit to a Wool Shop

To the attention of these knitting enthusiasts, we have prepared a list to remember before a visit to a wool store.

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Comment tricoter - rangs raccourcis

How to knit - Short Rows

This is a way of knitting the stitches back and forth without knitting to the end of the row, which means that there are stitches remaining at the end of the row when you turn the knit.

The short rows are used to adjust the volume of the knit: either to create a relief in a knit, such as for the hollow of the heel in a sock, for example, or to change the shape / direction of a flat knit.

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Comment tricoter deux bas en même temps

How to knit two socks at a time

Here is a technique for knitting socks that our students like to learn in our knitting lessons: knitting two socks at the same time on a single circular needle!

First of all, since this method assures us that we get two completely identical socks and also 2 because we eradicate "the second sock syndrome" !! Because knitting a sock is good but knitting two is better...

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How to Knit a Scarf Without a Pattern

In our wool shop, very often we welcome beginner knitters who ask us if we have a pattern to knit a scarf or an infinity scarf.

No need to use a pattern to dictate how to knit a scarf. Just follow these tips:


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