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Knitting patterns

You will find here our bank of online knitting patterns. Our collection of knitting patterns to download is exclusive: all the models you will find here have been developed by Les Laines Biscotte.

We are proud to announce that some of our knitting models have been published on renowned websites such as, including the sock pattern Carousel and the Stitch Surfer sock pattern. Several of our models have also been published in the magazine L'Actuelle and in the book New Directions In Sock Knitting: 18 Innovative Designs Knitted From Every Which Way.

To help you find the knitting pattern you are looking for, you can use the product filter below. You will find the following categories: sock patternsfree patternsshawls patterns, etc...

Biscotte has also developed an application that allows you to generate custom knitting patterns! Available on iPhones, Android and here on our website
Click on the following link to get all the details: Biscotte KP application which generates custom knitting patterns.

91 results
Kit à tricoter des Bas ''Stitch-Surfer'' - Les Laines Biscotte - 1
Kit de tricot | Bas Bullseye (laine et patron)
Kit à tricoter des Bas ou Mitaines ''Coulis de Bleuets''
Kit a tricoter les Bas Claws for Thought
Kit à tricoter pour bas Funky Town
Kit a tricoter les Bas ou les Gants LE CHAT
Patron Rigolo Le tricot pour enfant - Les Laines Biscotte
Patron Accessoires à Tricoter en Gobelin - Les Laines Biscotte
Patron de pull à tricoter | Belle Lurette
Patron de pull à tricoter | Sunset Breeze
Patron de veste à tricoter | Talias Horoscope
Patron Bas Charivari - Les Laines Biscotte
Sock pattern "Charivari"

91 results