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Contribute to the development of a Canadian SME


opportunité d'investissement PME québécoise

You want to contribute to the success of Biscotte Yarns and leave your stamp on the Biscotte family brand? You have money at your disposal and you take the successful advancement of Biscotte Yarns at heart?

Then you can help Biscotte Yarns by means of a financial investment and receive interests and exclusive products in return on your investment (ROI).

All amounts in excess of $500.00 contributed to Biscotte Yarns are investments that will be used to develop new products and expand the Biscotte family product line.

How does it work?

  1. Biscotte Yarns agrees to reimburse investors within 4 years.
  2. Biscotte Yarns commits itself to pay an annual interest of 4 to 6%.
  3. A legal contract links Biscotte Yarns to the lender.
  4. Investments and investors remains confidential at Biscotte Yarns
  1. As an investor, you get knitting goodies as annual yarn box, special discount and more!

Biscotte Yarns Investors will also get surprises, savings and access to exclusive products! 

To find out more about Biscotte Yarns company, click here to read our story!

Terms and conditions

The person who participates financially in the development of Biscotte Yarns does so out of conviction and on a free and voluntary basis.
Investors should be aware that their money invested will be inaccessible to them during the entire period of the loan, ie 4 years, with no possibility to recover the principal of the loan before the term of the contract. In against part, investors enjoy the benefits related to their respective combos, privileges and interests relating to the amounts of investment.

It is always possible that Biscotte Yarns will reimburse the entire loan before the end of the 4-year term, in which case the investor may, until the end of the 4 years, continue to take advantage of the privileges he had been granted. 

Contribute to Biscotte Yarns company and become our super hero


Participer au succès de Biscotte et devenez un(e) Super Héro du Tricot!